La Salle University


Course Requirements

For courses sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Secondary Mathematics Project

1.      Attendance at scheduled in-services.  No more than two excused days absent.  This is determined by taking role and/or using sign-in sheets.

2.      Active class participation.

3.      Reading the teacher manual and/or completing other assigned readings.

4.      Completion of a paper and/or project related to the course subject and teaching.  Each teacher must do one of the following.

a.          A Research paper:  (8 to 15 pages).  This relates to a specific mathematical education research topic (e.g. cooperative learning, the development of algebraic thinking, effective use of manipulatives, etc.) to one’s own school or classroom situation or course.  The research must demonstrate critical understanding of educational issues and sound scholarship.


b.         A Portfolio or Journal: This is a journal of your teacher’s work and personal reflections as you attempt to implement mathematical content and pedagogical techniques covered in the course.  These reflections should pertain to your own classroom practice and/or growth as a teacher.  This could include a discussion of student work or activities and may include examples of students’ work appended to the paper.


c.          A Narrated videotape: This is a short video, approximately 30 minutes, showing exemplary teaching practices related to the course which is suitable for showing to other teachers, administrators or parents.  This videotape should be narrated either as a voice over, or written out separately.  The narrative should have an introduction for the viewer, which includes background on the school, students, and teacher, the content of the lesson, its purpose, the name of the curriculum used, the core ideas of the lesson.


d.         A Power Point or similar kind of presentation: See Narrated Videotape above.


All papers must be typed, double-spaced with 1-inch margins using Standard English and correct spelling.


5.         Grades:    A = Superior work, excellent scholarship, well written, for dissemination among peers

                                    B =       Satisfactory work, good effort, reasonably well written, relevant to the course.

                                    C =  Minimal effort

                                    F =   Failed to meet minimal requirements




Your may mail papers to: ATTN Joe Merlino, Box 399, La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA  19141-1199.

If you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected] or write to the above address.  Do not call.