The Greater Philadelphia Secondary Mathematics Project


Information about LaSalle University’s Course Credit

Procedures for this Project



  1. La Salle University has agreed to waive the tuition cost for teachers who teach in our project’s sponsored school districts and who participate as students in the project’s math in-services.


  1. Tuition is waived only for those courses specially designed for this project. Currently there are about 18 such courses. Although these courses are math oriented, La Salle considers them as elective graduate education courses. As such, you may apply this course credit toward an education master’s degree at LaSalle, or another higher education institution.


  1. For Pennsylvania teachers, your school district grants ACT 48 credit. This project does not. These courses qualify fro ACT 48 like any other graduate education elective course. 


  1. You must register and be processed through La Salle’s system like any other graduate student for each course. Course credit cannot be granted without you being registered and entered in the system. This can take some time if you were not previously in the system.


  1. All of the normal rules, and grading procedures and standards apply to you as any other graduate student. Credit for previous courses cannot be granted retroactively. Attendance at in-services is required. A product, project or paper is due at the conclusion of the course that demonstrates your understanding of the material.


  1. The project’s sponsored courses must conform to La Salle University’s normal semester schedule for course registration, submission and reporting of grades and the issuance of transcripts. Typically for one of our 60-hour courses, we will submit your course registration in January-- even though the in-services started in the previous summer. Your grade will be reported in May or June.  Project sponsored courses which begin and end during one summer will be process either during that summer or the fall term.  


  1. Incompletes will be granted for a three-month period. After that time, they will revert to Withdrawn status.


  1. Normally, La Salle Registrars’ office will mail you an unofficial report of a your grade after they have processed it.  The time to process your grade depends on the Registrar’s other workload for tuition paying students. The time it takes for us to review your paper, comment on it and submit a grade depends on our workload. June is the heaviest month for project in-services 


  1. You can request your official transcript from the Registrar’s office either in person or by hard copy mail. There is a $5 fee. The registrar’s office will NOT give your grade out over the phone. For more information, call their number at 215-951-1020. DO NOT call our office for a transcript. We will sent you an unofficial report of your grade and return your paper with comments.


  1. You can access your grade and print your unofficial transcript by going to LaSalle’s web site Go to the Student heading and click on “Accessing Brother Luwis” Then click Log In. Your User ID is your SSN. And your Pin is your 6-digit birthday.